A Practical Handbook of Auricular Acupuncture

This handbook introduces not only the fundamentals of ear acupuncture which include the history of ear acupuncture, the theory about the ear points, surface anatomy of the ear, blood vessels, and innervations, but also the diagnosis and application of ear acupuncture which consists of the regions, location, indications, and manipulation methods. It is an excellent resource for teachers, students, and clinicians.The contents of this handbook are comprehensive, simple, practical, and readable. It uses colored illustrations to emphasize important information. It explains the theories and foundations of auricular acupuncture. It presents in detail diagnosis, principles of treatment, needling and methods of manipulation. It recounts detailed clinical experiences.

  • New Paperback 19*26 cm, 80 pp.


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ISBN: 9787117093682
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Published: 2008

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