Wild Birds of Yunnan

( 中国云南野生鸟类 )


This is the English language version. This book introduces the natural environment on which the wild birds of Yunnan depend for existence and characteristics of the birds of Yunnan etc. Meanwhile, it also explains the birds’ physical geography, habitats, culture and more than ten important birds’ distribution and protection in the state , etc. then the natatorial birds altogether 6 ecological types of the birds,416 kinds of representative birds with habitats, living habits and acquired characteristics are introduced in this book. Except for all mentioned above, the book also includes a lot of birds’ general knowledge or the anecdotes. The whole book selects altogether more than 700 pictures carefully. Expect for the exquisite picture of each species , there are a large number of photos for typical habitats and views of birds in Yunnan. With index of common names and scientific names.

  • New Hardcover 23.5*31 cm, 287 pp.


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Published: 2006

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