Portraits of Himalayan Flowers


Braving every hardship from monsoon rains and altitude sickness to hungry leeches, Yoshida pursued a personal and unwavering imperative--to capture the haunting beauty of rare alpine species in an unparalleled photographic record. Over the span of a decade, Yoshida trekked throughout remote Himalayan realms, and now, inspired by the Tibetan rosary of 108 beads, offers a like number of portraits of botanical treasures. In order to find and document all of these flowers, Yoshida often abided storms and other travails for days and weeks, waiting for skies to clear. Then, seizing the opportunity, Yoshida photographed plant specimens in detailed close-ups, set off by sublime mountain peaks and craggy terrain in the distance. An uncommon melding of science, art, and horticulture is unveiled in the book's series of exquisite images. Brief, yet utterly fascinating, Yoshida's narratives complement the portraits by providing field notes that virtually transport readers to the lofty climes inhabited by the mystical, alluring plant life presented here.

  • New Hardcover 20.5*30 cm, 124 pp.


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Condition: New
ISBN: 0881925519
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Publisher: Timber Press
Published: 2002

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