Jewellery of Tibet and the Himalayas


"This book presents the traditional jewellery of Nepal, Tibet and the Himalayas in all its splendour, and tells the fascinating stories of trade, conquest, faith and fortune that lie behind it. The jewellery of the region has an extraordinary visual impact, with its vibrant combination of gold and silver with turquoise, coral, amber and pearls, elements of which were traded from countries far distant from the Himalayas. It is worn as much for its religious and talismanic associations as for adornment, and may well represent a woman's whole portable wealth in terms of a dowry. This beautifully illustrated book draws on the finest examples from the V&A and other British collections, both public and private. It brings into the spotlight one of the richest decorative traditions of the world, and one increasingly appreciated and emulated in the west."

  • New Hardcover 22*25 cm, 128 pp.


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Condition: New
ISBN: 1851774238
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Publisher: V&A Publication
Published: 2004

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