Of Wool and Loom: The Tradition of Tibetan Rugs


richly illustrated with 154 colour plates. The book first presents a brief history of Tibetan carpet and textile weaving, from their early origins, to ‘planted pile’ textiles, Drumste knotted-pile carpets of the Wangden Valley, and the warp-backed rugs of the Lhuntse region. It then traces the emergence of Tibet as a commercial carpet-weaving centre and outlines steps in learning the art of weaving, from apprentice to master-weaver. In a final chapter, the authors give an account of the wide range of uses of Tibetan rugs: by nomads, the aristocracy, and the cavalry, as well as their ecclesiastical and equestrian uses, and their use as floor rugs. The work includes 124 beautiful colour plates of rugs, showing details of their intricate designs and rich colours, accompanied by detailed descriptions of each. The authors are both natives of the region; not only are both considered to be eminent scholars in Tibetan Studies, but one holds the important position of Director of the Tibetan Museum, while the other is a prominent founder and promoter of sustainable enterprises in Tibet through commercial carpet and wool handicraft production, forestry conservation and ecotourism.

  • New Paperback 22*29 cm, 160 pp.


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ISBN: 9748304159
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Publisher: Orchid Press
Published: 2000

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