Expressway to HSK: Tactis and Highlights of HSK, with 6 CDs

Expressway to HSK: Tactis and Highlights of HSK (Elementary and Intermediate). The book is a textbook for those who are to take the examination of HSK (elementary and intermediate), including all the grammar and vocabulary points that usually appear in the examination. These examination points are categorized and systemized with detailed explanation of possible question types and key of answering.The book includes a large amount of categorized and comprehensive exercises for each section and relevant examination points. The learners can check their answers against the keys and explanations arranged at the end of each unit.The book can be used either independently or together with 《HSK捷径:中国汉语水平考试仿真预测试卷(初、中等)》Expressway to HSK: A predicted selection of simulated (Elementary and intermediate).

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