Mantles of Merit:Chin Textiles from Myanmar India and Bangladesh


Also known as the Zo, Lai or Kuki, the Chin were a people little known before late in the 18th century outside the areas where they lived. The Chin textile culture emphasizes grand blankets and intricate tunics, made of homespun cotton, flax, hemp and silk, dyed with indigo and lac, and woven on a back-tension loom. In considering Chin textiles as art and cultural objects, the authors describe both their beauty and technical virtuosity and their integral role in the Chin effort to achieve merit in this life and the next. The authors also discuss the inter-relationships between the complex subdivisions of the Chin and their neighbours. Richly illustrated with over 650 photographs, including rare photographs taken by early missionaries and scholars; also includes detailed drawings of textile structures.

  • New Hardcover 22*29 cm, 288 pp.


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ISBN: 9749863011
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Publisher: River Books
Published: 2005

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