Taiji Quan - Yang Style

( 太极拳-杨式 )

By Yu Gongbao. Yang style taiji quan is one of the main schools of Chinese taiji quan. It is the most popular style now practised in China. The book describes, naturally and explicitly, the birth and growth of the Yang style taij quan, its features, basic skills and basic movements, all illustrated by more than 200 pictures. It also tells the readers how to learn taiji quan. Therefore, it offers a wide knowledge of Chinese boxing, with scientific character and wide practicality.

The originator of the Yang style tai ji boxing was Yang Luchan (1800-1873) from Yongnian in Hebei Province. Yang went to learn Taiji boxing from Chen Changxing in the Chenjia Valley as a boy. When grown up, he returned to his native town to teach the art. To suit the need of common people, Yang Luchan made some changes, and dropped some highly difficult moves, such as force irritating, broad jumps and foot thumping. His son shortened the routine which was further simplified by his grandson. The grandson's form of the Yang style taiji boxing was later taken as the protocol of the Yang style boxing. Because of its comfortable postures, simplicity and practicability, this form has become the most popular routine for exercise and practice.

The Yang style taiji boxing features agreeable movements and actions combining hardness, softness and naturalness. When practising, practitioners should relax to form softness which transforms into hardness, thus combining the hard and the soft. The Yang style taiji quan is divided into three sub routines, namely high-posture, middle-posture and low-posture routines, all with comfortable and agreeable movements and actions. The beginners can adjust their physical power in practice depending on their age, sex and stamina. It can be use for curing illnesses, preserving health and improving the physiques and boxing skills.

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