The Desert Wolf


A stirring elegy of man’s inexorable - and tragic - relationship with the animal world and the implacable forces of nature, this collection of four novellas is a thought provoking exploration of the dynamics of human existence. In ‘The Sand Fox’, ‘The Desert Wolf’. ‘Sand Burial’ and ‘Sand Rites’, the author transports the reader into the intriguing depths of his homeland - the Horqin wilderness in north China. With passion and pride, he weaves together the intricacies of survival in this harsh, alarmingly dangerous and complex environment, celebrating the tenacity and indomitable will of its people who live in the face of untold adversity. Deeply troubled by the ever-growing assault of the drifting yellow sand upon the plains and arable land, he fills his narratives with philosophical reflections on humanity, nature and existence.

  • New Paperback 11*18 cm, 354 pp.


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Condition: New
ISBN: 0835131807
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Publisher: Panda Books
Published: 1996

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