The Story of Qiuju


The Story of Qiuju, a simple story of one woman's search for justice, was adapted for a film that won the Golden Lion Prize at the 49th Venice International Film Festival. Speaking of his award-winning film, director Zhang Yimou said: "The credits should first and foremost go to the original story". Upon publication, the story itself won a prize from an established Chinese literary magazine. The author Chen Yuanbin is a much respected writer of contemporary literature whose works are enjoyed by a wide audience. Simple as it is, the story possesses a profound meaning, part of which is revealed through the nature of the heroine which leads to her actions. She is a simple, kind-hearted but firm character, exemplifying the merits of Chinese country women. The other three works in this collection, Celestial River, Heaven's Course and The Drowning of Jiuzhou City, reflect the author's observations of contemporary Chinese society and China's history.

  • New Paperback 11*18.5 cm, 206 pp.


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Publisher: Panda Books
Published: 1997

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