China on the Wild Side Volume 1 Yunnan and Sichuan

( Explorations in the China-Tibet Borderlands )


China on the Wild Side, Explorations in the China-Tibet Borderlands Volume 1, Yunnan and Sichuan. by Joseph F. Rock. Numerous b/w and color photos.

The book reprints articles by Joseph Rock from National Geographic Magazine and Geographic Journal, published between 1925 and 1935. This first volume includes one article " With the Lama King: Joseph Rock and Muli" by G A Donovan.

Other articles include in this volume:

  1. Banishing the Devil of Disease Among the Nashi of Yunnan Province
    It tells of the Naxi tribal people, and of their priests', Dongbas' ceremonies to exple evil spirits. It also describes their religious books which written in a unique hieroglyphic writing system.

  2. Through the Great River Trenches of Aisa
    It describes Rock's trip through the region containing the gorges of the three rivers, Salween, Mekong and Yangtze, ending at Atunze, now Deqing.

  3. The Land of Yellow Lama
    Rock visited the semi-indepdent kingdom of muli in northwest Sichuan, near Yongning Lugu lake.

  4. Konka Risumgongba, Holy Mountains of the Outlaw
    It tells how Rock ventured into today's Daocheng, Yading area in Sichuan province, exploring and photographing three towering mountains, Chanadordje, Jambeyang, and Shenrezig.

  5. The Glories of the Minya Konka
    It recounts Rock's trip to the Minya Konka Mountains, near Tachienlu or Kangding in Sichuan

  6. Sungmas, the Living Oracles of the Tibetan Church
    It describes the Tibetan Sungmas' performances in Yongning Lugu lake.
With remarkable black and white, as well as pioneering colored photos, Rock gives a vivid picture of remote mountainous geography, diverse multi-ethnic frontiers, rich resources of flora and fauna, mysterious religious belief, and a turbulent, lawless country where China and Tibet met.

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