Say It Now! - A Complete Handbook of Spoken Chinese

Say It Now! - A Complete Handbook of Spoken Chinese is a practical manual for foreigners who live, work or travel in China to practice their spoken Chinese. The handy, pocket-size book chooses 55 life situations under 12 topics (ranging from being a guest to eating out to experiencing problems), with more than 600 practical sample sentences that can basically meet the communicative needs in a foreigner's daily life and work in China. It can also be used as supplementary material so learners who already have a grounding in Chinese can improve their spoken Chinese. In Simplified characters with English and Pinyin. Accompanying MP3 CD allows students to practice their listening and pronunciation skills. A very helpful book for anyone who travels to China or lives there.

  • New Paperback 10.5*15 cm, 233 pp.


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Condition: New
ISBN: 9787561918227
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Published: 2007

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