Following the Steps of Matteo Ricci to China


A New Page of the Cultural Communication between China and Europe
  • Fantasy in the Ancient Times
  • Great Age of Geographic Discovery
  • Matteo Ricci,the Western Confucian Coming to China
  • Western Vogue in the Periods of Emperor Kangxi and Emperor Qianlong
The Foreign Missionaries in the Royal Palace
  • Mattteo Ricci and Emperpr Wanli
  • Johann Adam Schall von Bell and Emperor Shunzhi
  • Ferdinand Verbiest and Emperor Kangxi
  • Foreign Diplomats of the Qing Dynasty
  • Chinese Scholars and Western Missionaries
  • Matteo Ricci and His Treatise on Friendship
  • Association for the Sake of Curiosity
  • Association for the Sake of Belief
Introduction of Western Astronomy and Calendar
  • Calendar Reform and Introduction of Astronomy
  • Manufacture of Astronomical Instruments
  • Introduction and Research of Western Mathematics
From Matteo Ricci's World Map to the Missionaries' Maps of China
  • Matteo Ricci and His World Map
  • Territory Maps of China Drawn in the Qing Dynasty
  • Transmission of the Maps of China to the West
Introduction of Other Western Sciences and Technologies
  • Western Physics and Mechanics in China
  • Western Cannons and Chinese Political Changes
  • Western Chime Clock and Chinese Clock Industry
Introduction of Western Art
  • Western Music in the Fobidden City
  • Chinese Emperoros and Western Painting Art
  • The Western Style Buildings in China
Introduction of Western Ideology and Literature
  • The Western Society under the Missionaries' Pen
  • Translation of Western Allegory
  • Western Philosophy and Religion in China
  • The Western Religion in the Eyes of Chinese Scholars
The Development of Christianity in China
  • Review of the Development of Christianity in China
  • The Chinese Rites Controversy and Its Results
Introduction of Chinese Culture to the West
  • Translation of Chinese Classics
  • The Chinese Rites Controversy and Introduction of Chinese Philosophy
  • Reports on Chinese History
  • Discussion on Chinese Language in Europe
  • The Jesuits and Their Introduction of Chinese Science and Technology
  • Rise of Missionary Sinology
"Chinese Fashion" in Europe in the 18th Century
  • Charming and Fashionable Chinese Goods
  • Chinese Styled Gardens
  • "Chinese Fashion" in Western Society

  • New Paperback 18.5*25 cm, 173 pp.


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