Peking:a Historical and Intimate Description of Its Chief Places

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with 6 fold-out maps. 24 full-page photographs. Original orange cloth. This work does not simply list points of interest like a guidebook or comment with scholarly pretension, but guides the reader along as if they were visiting this ancient city with a knowledgeable friend. It is the author's opinion that Peking is best seen through a well rounded lens; one that includes archaeology, history, and the people's lives of work, prayer and play. As an added point of interest, an appendixes list the dynasties of China, and the principle festivals and fairs in Peking. Twenty chapters make up this work, and it is fully illustrated with photographs and maps, covering in much detail all places in and around the great city, palaces, museums, temples, curiosity shops, fun of the fair, Legation Quarter and Modern Peking.

  • New Hardcover 15*22.5 cm, 571 pp.


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Published: 1922

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