Across China on Foot

( Life in the Interior and the Reform Movement )

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Across China on Foot, Life in the Interior and the Reform Movement. numerous b/w plates, map. A monumental work and primary source by the first American to walk across the whole of China. This grand primary work is truly a magnificient resource. The book begins with his starting point in Shanghai and his journey up the Yangtze to Chung-king, and Sui-Fu via Luchow, wher the actual foot journey began. A great description of the people of Szech'wan, to Yun-nan and the tribes and the mission work among them. To Chao-t'ong-fu. Deparature for Burma, comments on Yun-nan the capital. To Tali-fu, Chinese untruthfulness, storm in the mountains, arrival at Tali-fu nd the great Mekong valley. Opium smokers, the river Mekong through the Salween valley to Tengyueh, and the Li-su tribes then on to Bhamo in upper Burma, the Shans & Kachins, end of a long journey. The work is loaded with ethnographic and other keen observations. A throughly useful work the last of a breed of pre-World War II explorers & travellers who actually went on their journey by foot. The author truly saw and experienced the geography, geology, botany, people and customs of the area.

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Published: 1911

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