A Journey to Yunnan and the Opening of the Red River to Trade


1 map. This is the account of the daring journey of a French trader up the Red River in 1872–1873. This was the first attempt by a westerner to use the Red River to access the riches of Yunnan and defy the established Chinese and Vietnamese powers and their customs collectors. Sailing under the Chinese flag, J. Dupuis also defied official French foreign policy and showed that the trade was possible and that great profits were to be made. He cleverly made alliances and traded arms with the Chinese authorities in Yunnan and negotiated with the Black and Yellow Flag irregular armies. Whilst breaking treaties that France had negotiated with the Court of Hué, this bold trader made a journey that represented a major step in changing official French policies in respect to Tonkin, present-day northern Vietnam. J. Dupuis, who identified gold, silver, copper, tin and other mines, opened vistas, especially French, of a lucrative colonial adventure in Southeast Asia.

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