Amdo Vol 1: The Qinghai Part of Amdo


With 100 pp. color illustrations. This book presents the fascinating world of northeast Tibet’s historical and cultural monuments. The author’s original studies reveal that Tibetan culture is thriving. Tibetans have rebuilt their economy and revitalized their traditional way of life. East Tibet has not until now been thoroughly researched although it comprises about two-thirds of the Tibetan Plateau. This book provides comprehensive information on unknown sites in Amdo. The first volume starts with the famous Kumbum Monastery. Next, the major lamaseries of Tsongkha and the Yellow River bend are described with a historical outline of northeastern Tibet. Detailed descriptions of the major historic sites will help understand their development, as well as locating sites and understanding what can be seen there. Amdo includes densely populated Tsongkha with Muslim, Han-Chinese and Tibetan communities the realm of Ngolok’s sacred Amnye Machen mountain and the vast empty steppes and deserts of the central highland and Tsaidarn basin. The pastoral world of the formerly notorious Ngolok nomads and their religious realm are also described.

  • New Paperback 21*29 cm, 308 pp.


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Publisher: White Lotus
Published: 2001
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