A Guide to Chinese Martial Arts

( 中国武术指南 )

A Guide to Chinese Martial Arts is divided into three chapters. The first chapter is about the origin, development and present situation of wushu; the second introduces different styles of wushu, the eighteen weapons, methods of wushu practice, the value of Chinese wushu; and the last explains the main wushu styles such as chang quan (extended boxing), taiji quan (great ultimate boxing) and shaolin quan (shaolin boxing) with illustrations.

Written by wushu master Li Tianji, the former General Coach of the China Wushu Team, and his assistant, Du Xilian, the book with about 500 illustrations is useful for learning how to practise wushu or simply to learn more about this ancient Chinese martial art.

  • New Paperback 12*18.5 cm, 180 pp.


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