Life and Culture of the Na-Khi Tribe of China-Tibet Borderland

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The Life and Culture of the Na-khi Tribe of the China-Tibet Borderland by Joseph F. Rock
Untersuchung des Papiers Acht Verschiedener Alter Na-khi-Handschriften Auf Rohstoff und Herstellungsweise by M. Harders-Steinhauer and G. Jayme

Verzeichnis der Orientalischen handschriften in Deutschland, Supplementband 2

70pp + 13 plates (1 coloured) and 19 b/w plates. 1 map. Black cloth.

The Na-khi tribe lives in an isolated western part of Yunnan province. Rock spent many years in the area studying the tribe. He discusses their land, origins, homes, rites of passage, religion and deities, Shamanistic practices associated with Bon and the manuscripts used in religious rituals and to preserve their legends. Extremely rare book.


  • Introduction
  • The land of the Na-khi tribe
  • Historical Sketch of the Na-khi Land
  • Geography of the Region
  • Climate
  • Vegetation and Fauna
  • Communciaton
  • The Origin of the Na-khi tribe
  • Na-khi Culture
  • Education
  • House and furniture
  • Marriage and death
  • the Status of woman
  • Religion
  • Deities
  • The Shaman or Llu-bu
  • Na-khi scripts and literature

  • New Hardcover 17.5*24.5 cm, 70 pp.


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