A Naturalist in Western China 2 volumes

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A Naturalist in Western China, with Vasculum, Camera, and Gun, Being Some Account of Eleven Years' Travel, Exploration, and Observation in the More Remote Parts of the Flowery Kingdom. New York: Doubleday, Page & Co., Two volumes, 251+229. Very fine in original green cloth with gilt lettering and decoration. Illustrated with one hundred and one full-page photographic plates of Old China"s natural and botanical wonders, and a map.

Volume 1
Western China: Mountain Ranges and River System
Western Hupeh: general topography and geology
Methods of Travel: Roads and Accommodation
In Quest of Flowers: A Journey in Northwestern Hupeh
Forest and Crag: Across the Hupeh-Szechuan Frontier
The Red Basin of Szechuan: Its geology, mineral, and agricultural wealth
Easten Szechuan: Narrative of a Journey from Taning Hisen to Tunghsiang hsien
The Ancient Kindom of Pa: Narrative of a Journey from Tunghsiang Hisen to Paoning Fu
The Chengtu Plain: " The Garden of Western China"
North-western Szechuan: narrative of a cross-mountain journey to Sungpan Ting
Sungping Ting: the land of the sifan
the Chino-Thibetan Borderland: The Marches of the Mantzu
The Chiarung Tribes: Their history, manners and customs
Across the Chino-Thibetan Borderland: Kuan Hsien to ROmi Chango; The flora of the Pan-lan Shan, Romi Chango to Tachienlu; the Forests of the Ta-p'ao Shan
Tachienlu, The gate of Thibet; The kingdom of Chiala, its people,their manners and customs
Sacred Omei Shan: Its people and its flora
Through the Laolin: Narrative of a journey from Kiating to Malie,Via Wawu Shan, Wa shan and its flora

Volume 2
The Flora of China: A brief account of the richest temperate flora in the world
The Principal Timber Trees
Fruits, Wild and Cultivated
Chinese Materia Medica
Gardens and gardening: Favourite Flowers Cultivated by the Chinese
Agriculture: Their Principal Food-stuff crops
The More Important Plant Products: Wild and Cultivated Trees of Economical Importance,
The more Important plant products: Cultivated Shrubs and Herbs of Economic Value
Tea and "Tea Yielding" Plants: The Tea Industry for the Thibetan Markets
Insect White-Wax
Sport in Western China: Pheasants and other Game Birds
Sport in Western China: Wild Fowl - Shooting on the Ya river
Sport in Western China: Ruminant and other Game Animals
Sport in Western China: Carnivorous and other animals, including monkeys
Western China: Minerals and Mineral Wealth
Conclusion: Some general remarks on the rebellion-the causes which have produced it; the people and future possibilities.

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