Ethnic Groups of Northern Southeast Asia

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Yale Univeristy, Southeast Asia Studies. A folding map of ethnic groups ditribution in Northern Southeast Asia. Preface, index. A carefully compiled and well-organized gazetteer of basic data on the peoples and cultures of four areas, Northern Burma, Northern Thailand, Northern Indochina, and South China. "This gazetteer is intended to accompany a specially prepared ethnolinguistic map of the South China borderlands of Yunnan, Burma, Thailand and Indochina ( Laos and Northern Vietnam) so far as they are known and reported on. It is a preliminary attempt to chart the major ethnic groupings of mainland southeast Asia so far as this is possibe from the available literature. The classification is primarily based on linguistic affiliations, but, where the information seems to justify it, other cultural criteria have been used. The mapping and classification is termed preliminary becuase until now no one seems to have had the temerity to undertake the task for the entire region."-preface

  • New Paperback 21*27.5 cm, 175 pp.


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Publisher: Yale University
Published: 1950

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