Birds in China

( 中国野鸟 )


China is located in the eastern part of Asia, which is a nation with a vast territory, suitable situation, quite complex topographies and climates, diverse natural environment as well as rich biodiversities.The terrestrialarea of China covers 9.6 million km2 , which is approximately equivalent to one fourth of that of entire Asia. The 8848 m high Everest above the sea, the highest peak in the world, lies within the territory of China's Tibet. Also, the lowest land throughout the world is in Chinas Northwest Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, which is the Aiding Lake at an elevation of minus 154 m. From uninterrupted mountainous regions and plateaus in the west to immense plains in the east, and from deserts, grasslands and cold-temperate coniferous forests in the north to tropical rainforests in the south, all locations not only represent unique natural landscape but also provide birds with a variety of inhabiting and breeding sites.

1. Summary
2. Natatores
3. Grallatores
4. Terrestores
5. Raptators
6. Scansores
7. Passeres
8. The List of the Names in Latin, Chinese and English
9. References
10. The Index of Species Names in Latin
11. The Index of Species common Names in English

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