Seashells of China

This book covers the shells from Northern Pacific Sino-Japanese Region to the Southern Indo-Malayan region of the world. It contains more than 1850 color photographs. It is a comprehensive reference listing 1661 species, including 17 species of the Polyplacophora, 954 species of the Gastropoda, 24 species of the Scaphopoda, 605 species of the Bivalva and 61 species of the Cephalopoda. Each species is described and illustrated with individual colour plate; scientific name with author and date; 100-300 words description; distribution (The Far East subregion of the North Pacific region the Sino-Japanese subregion and the Indo-Malayan subregion of the Indo-West Pacific region); ecology and economic value; and distribution map. 190 plates. All the significant specimens stored in the Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Science, Qingdao, are illustrated in colour photographs, except for a few colour paintings employed especially for those shell-less animals. About 50 holotype specimens are shown in full colour for the first time. Each species is described in external morphology, colour, texture, geographical distribution and, when necessary for identification, also internal structure and reproductive characteristics. Unless otherwise specified, most of the shell sizes are taken from those of the photographed specimens. A total of 75 maps are attached to the species distribution of about 200 common species, serving as aids in tracing their distribution of about 200 common species, serving as aids in tracing their distribution ranges or localities where they were found.

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Published: 2004

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