Ethnic Minorities of China

An introduction to the ethnic minorities in China. Color photos throughout, with a distribution map.


Mongolian: the People on Horseback
Hezhen: Fisherman's Songs Across the Wusuli River
Daur: Thousand-year History of Playing Hockey
Ewenki: the Last Hunting Tribe Uygur: Little Flowery Hats by the Tianshan Mountain
Tu: The Rainbow Nationality and its Unique Songs
Kazak: Lovers of Horses and Eagles
Hui: Devout Muslims
Kirgiz: Born From a Heroic Epic
Tibetan: on the Roof of the World Dai: Buddhist Temples and Bamboo Houses Dong: Grand Song Singers
Hani: Painting masks for Heavenly Gods

Miao: Wearing History on costumes
Naxi: the Last Land of Women Qiang: Warchtowers in Hengduan Mountains
Va: Drumbeats that transcend history
Tujia: Living in High Mountains
Zhuang: the ethnic minority of the largest population
Li: at the edge of the world
Gaoshan: Calls from mount Ali
Appendix: Distribution of the Ethnic Groups in China

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