Princes of the Black Bone, Life in the Tibetan Borderland

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This is the British version. The American version is entitled " Land of the Lamas". B/W plates. The territory of Independent Lolos ( Today's Yi Minority) is a vast country of wild mountains and deep valleys bordering on Tibet in the West of China. It was remained independent until 1950's. For centuries the Lolos have resisted the encroaching Chinese and the history of China teems with accounts of military campaigns against this warlike tribe. There are many legends of their extreme ferocity and the word "lolo" became a bogey in China, synonymous with the acme of cruelty and barbarity. Mr Goullart, while engaged in the co-operative work on the Chinese-Tibetan border, became intensely interested in these brave and independent people and set out to discover more about them and their life. Through his friendship with a lolo prince he was permitted to travel through the Independent Lolo territory. He found them an hospitable and lovable people divided into a ruling caste, Princes and nobles of the Black Bone, and serfs and slaves, known as the white Lolos. Yet all live amicably together in a true democracy.

  • New Hardcover 15*22 cm, 221 pp.


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Publisher: John Murray
Published: 1959

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