The Customs and Religion of the Ch'iang

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16 b/w plates, bibliography, index. Dr's Graham's book contains a wealth of descriptive material concerning the culture of the Ch'iang: an interesting remnant people now located between Chinese and Tibetan populations in the borderland of western Szechuan. Of particluar value are the detailed descriptions of sacrificial rites, the ritual of exorcism, of the character, status, training and functions of the priests, and of the sacred objects and regala belonging to the priests. the gods worshipped are listed by name in the seperate categories-the great gods and the lesser gods-which are recognized and used by the ch'iang people themselves. Variations in these lists found in different localities are also shown. Some of these variations are due to obvious borrowings from the Chinese. Particular note is also made of the general lack of images or idols: in the regalia of the priest the existence of a personal god, represented by a mummified head of a golden snubnosed monkey, and a demon head carved on the end of the power staff used in exorcism and other rituals, are the only two exceptions cited.

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Published: 1958

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