ShaoLin Kung Fu

( 中国少林功夫 )

The Chinese martial art known to Westerners as kung fu, is one of the worlds great cultural treasures. All kung fu was created under the sun of the Shaolin Temple has long been said when explaining the origin of all martial arts in China. Nobody knows how many legends are told about Shaolin and kung fu, but one thing is certain: throughout the world the Shaolin Temple remains a prized destination for all kung fu aficionados.

There would have been no Shaolin legend were it not for Bodhidharma, and Indian monk known as Da Mo to the Chinese, who founded the Mahayana Sect of Buddhism, more popularly known as Chinese Chan (or Zen) Buddhism.

Shaolin kung fu has long enjoyed a great reputation for profoundness, tremendous variety, and superb techniques. Today it has evolved into a very popular competitive sport in China.

Here, wed like to show-case the mystical legend and the unique art of the Shaolin kung fu.

Shaolin Boxing, The Basic Skills of Shaolin Kung Fu, The Unique Skills, Miscellanies of Shaolin Kung Fu, Shaolin Cudgeling, Kung Fu Everywhere, Shaolin Temple, The Routines of Kung Fu, The Magic Kung Fu

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