Illustrations of Foot Reflex Zone Massage


Chapter 1 Introduction Section
1 The Origin and Development of Foot Reflex Zone Massage Section
2 Foot Reflex Zone Massage:(Innception.Functions,and its Relations with Other Therapies Section
3 The Rudimentary Essentials of Foot Reflex Zone Massage
Chapter 2 The Medical Principles of foot Reflex Zone Massage Section l The Theory of Balance between Yin and Yang Section
2 The Doctrine of Nervous Reflex Section
3 The Principle of Blood Circulation Section
4 The Theory of Meridians and Collaterals Section
5 The Doctrine of Biological Hologram Section
6 Psychological Effect
Chapter3 Location and Operation of Foot Reflex Zones Section
1 Foot Reflex Zones: Rough Location, Corresponding relations and Manipulations of Massage Section
2 Foot Reflex Zones: Specific Location, Performance and Indications Chapter4 Integral Massage of Two Feet Section
1 Basic Reflex Zones Section
2 Direct Reflex Zones Section
3 Correlated Reflex Zones Section
4 The Principles of Allocation and Combination of Reflex Zones

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