Scalp Acupuncture Therapy


Scalp acupuncture is also known as head acupuncture, and has developed on the foundation of Chinese traditional acupuncture, modern anatomy, neurophysiology and bioholography theory. It is easy to do with marked effect and safety. It is not only especially effective for cerebral diseases, but also for disorders relating to internal medicine, external medicine, gynecology, pediatrics and ENT, and it has been used in medical practice by doctors abroad, and well received by a great number of patients.There are two volumes to the book. The first volume includes the general introduction, origin and development of scalp acupuncture, head anatomy, channels, collaterals and points on the head, different schools of scalp acupuncture, treating methods, contraindications and precautions. The second volume focuses on clinical application, covering the treating measures for disorders relating to internal medicine, external medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, dermatology and ENT. The book contains a mixture of theory and practical application, and applicable to practitioners of acupuncture, medical students and family health care practitioners. It is hoped that publication of this book may further the development of scalp acupuncture and make significant contributions to the health of mankind.The contents of this book are rich, simple, practical and readable. It explains the theories and foundations of scalp acupuncture. It presents in details of the therapy, principle of treatment, making of needle, and method for manipulation. It demonstrates the figures and the first-hand information in clinic. It displays detailed clinical experiences and case studies.

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