Fazhan Hanyu (Developmental Chinese) Vol 2

( 发展汉语—初级汉语(下) )

Volume 1 starts from the preparatory part, including some commonly used expressions and basic information on characters and phonetics, which should be learned carefully before going on to the later sections. There are 35 lessons in Volume 1 and 27 in Volume 2. Each has a vocabulary and a list of proper names as appendixes. Besides, an index of grammar is provided in Volume 2. Each lesson consists of the following parts: 1. Illustrations of the grammar points; 2. Text, including a short passage and a dialogue or dialogues; 3. Supplementary words and expressions, which are commonly used and closely related to the text. They are provided below the list of new words in each lesson in Volume 1, while example sentences and simple illustrations of the usages of the key words are supplied in each lesson in Volume 2; 4. Notes, which explain the cultural phenomenon introduced in the text and give necessary background information. 5. Grammar. About three grammatical points are taught in each lesson and explanations are translated into English. 6. 1,000 words and expressions including proper names are listed in the vocabulary in Volume 1 and 800 in Volume 2.

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