CiXiu ZhenFa Baizhong (One Hundred Embroidery Stitching Work)

( 刺绣针法百种-简史与示范 )

By Zhan Bihua. Published by Xiongshi Fine Arts, Taiwan. A study of embroidery stitching skill. The author explains in great details the needle work, every step is illustrated with clear, easy-to-follow color plates. Stitching are named as Straight Stitch or Satin Stitch, Running Stitch, Seeding Stitch, Couching Stitch, Fishbone Stitch, Roumanian Stitch, Back Stitch, Cloud Filling Stitch, Whipped back Stitch, Thread Back Stitch, Split Stitch, Block Shading Stitch, French Knot, Cross Stitch, Bead Work, and much more. All the needle work are presented with samples of textiles in beautiful color photos. Text in Chinese, but the stitching work has an English name.

  • New Paperback 19*26 cm, 143 pp.


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Published: 2007

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