China's Calligraphy Art Through the Ages

China has been noted for its calligraphy that evolved from handwriting but has developed into an independent art genre that can be placed on a par with painting, music, dance, sculpture and literature. Beyond all doubt, the technique of calligraphy is very important, but by no means the most important, as the ultimate aim of calligraphy is to use seemingly lifeless dots and lines to produce vivid pictures in the minds of viewers. And such imagery is only to be sensed, not explained. In other words, a calligraphic work can fully expose a calligrapher's temperament, experience and erudition, and perfectly convey his outlook on life. And the calligrapher's personal feelings are supposed to get a ready response among viewers. For this very reason, so far as the artistic strengths and weaknesses of a calligraphic work are concerned, different people have always held different views. Marvelous calligraphy is voiceless music, motionless dance, and intangible sculpture. From it we can feel a sense of rhythm, a lapse of time and a constant change of scene. The more one reads, the more one is impressed by its profundity and unlimited charm.

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Published: 2007

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