China in Diagrams 1978-2008


Economic Constrution
 1.The Goals Set Out in the Five Five-Year Plans Have Been Basically Met and the 11th Five-Year  Program Is Being Implemented
 2.Comprehensive National Strength Ranks Among the First in the World.
 3.Economic Structure Optimized With Higher Proportion of the Tertiary Industry
 4.Progress Made in Regional Economic Development
 5.Three Steps for Rural Reforms
 6.Agricultural Tax Abolished
 7.Ten "No.1 Documents" Issued by the CPC Central Committee in 30 Years
 8.China Feeds 21 Percent of the World's Population With Less Than 9 Percent of World's Arable Land
 9.Rural Population in Absolute Poverty Reduced by 228 Million
 10.Big Increase in the Output of MajorAgricultural Products and Larger Per-capita Share
 11.Better Agricultural Conditions
 12.Optimized Structure of Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Fishery
 13.Increasing Number of Farmers Working in Urban Areas
 14.Faster Increase in Industrial Output
 15.Continuous Increase in the Output of the Main Industrial Products
 16.Fast Growth of Investment in Fixed Assets
 17.Construction of Key Projects
 18.Higher Urbanization Level
 19.Enhanced Transport Capability
 20.State-owned Enterprises Play the Backbone Role in National Economy
 21.Township Enterprises Absorb More Surplus Rural Laborers
 22.Private Businesses Become a Part of the National Economy
 23.Financial System Formed to Meet the Need of Market Economy ...
 24.Development of Financial Institutions of the Banking Industry
 25.Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Listed
 26.Development of the Securities Issuance Market
 27.Development of the Insurance Market
 28.Fast Development of the Tourism Market
 29.Booming Posts and Telecommunications Industry
 30.Stronger Financial Strength of the State
 31.Higher Foreign Exchange Reserves and Better International Paying Capacity
 32.Three Times of Overheated Economy Since Late 1978
 33.Three Economic Inflations Since Late 1978
Democratic Legislation
 1.Continuous Construction of Socialist Democracy With Chinese Characteristics
 2.Democratic Administration of the CommuniSt Party of China
 3.Improved System of People's Congresses
 4.System of Multiparty Cooperation and Political Consultation Under the Leadership of the CPC 
 5.Rights and Interests of Ethnic Minorities Guaranteed as a Result of the System of Regional Ethnic Autonomy
 6."One Country, Two Systems" Implemented
 7.Democratic System at the Grass-Roots Level
 8.Progress in Government by Law
 9.Improved Quality of Public Service
 10.Building a Government Which People Satisfy
 11.Reform of the Administrative System
 12.Six Reforms in Governmental Institutions
 13.Civil Servant Law of the People's Republic of China Promulgated
 14.Progress in Scientific and Democratic Decision-Making
Social Development
Science and Technology
Reasources adn Energy,Eco-logical Construction and Envi-ronmental Protection
People's Lives
Culture and Sports
Construction of National Defense
Reform and Opening Up

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