China Through the Ages - from Confucius to Deng Vol. 1

This book is the first one of two volumes. Volume I focuses on China's past, from the beginning of Chinese civilization to the 1911 Revolution, mainly reflecting the changes in the country, its population and territory, national features, philosophies, religions and ways of life, as well as its contributions to politics, economy and culture. Volume II focuses on contemporary China, from 1921 to 2008, mainly reflecting on China's independence, changing perspectives in foreign affairs, national unification - especially the country's reform and opening-up and achievements related to its modernization. This book is for readers who wish to learn more about China, and introduces Chinese history by recounting distinctive stories of different ages.

  • New Paperback 17*24 cm, 254 pp.


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Condition: New
ISBN: 9787802285651
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Publisher: New World Press
Published: 2008

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