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Panda Books Oh! Blue Bird

Oh! Blue Bird

In this anthology are four pieces by the well-known Shanghai woman writer Lu Xing'er, one of the many talented authors who have appeared on the...
By: Lu Xing'er
ISBN: 7507100928


Panda Books Recluse of the Heavenly House

Recluse of the Heavenly House

Traditional Chinese painting has always been a prize bloom in the garden of painting. It enjoys equal renown with oil painting in the history of art...
By: Wang Weizheng
ISBN: 7507102238


Panda Books The Defiant Ones

The Defiant Ones

The Defiant Ones by the Tibetan writer Yeshi Tenzin has already secured itself a prominent place in modern Tibetan literature. In recounting the life...
By: Yeshi Tenzin
ISBN: 7507103463


Panda Books The Desert Wolf

The Desert Wolf

A stirring elegy of man’s inexorable - and tragic - relationship with the animal world and the implacable forces of nature, this collection of four...
By: Guo Xuebo
ISBN: 0835131807


Panda Books The Mountain Flowers Have Bloomed Quietly

The Mountain Flowers Have Bloomed Quietly

Reputable Shanghainese writer, Lu Xing’er, is presented in this anthology with four of her famous stories. Written with a female sensibility, she...
By: Lu Xing'er
ISBN: 7119033581


Panda Books The Story of Qiuju

The Story of Qiuju

The Story of Qiuju, a simple story of one woman's search for justice, was adapted for a film that won the Golden Lion Prize at the 49th Venice...
By: Chen Yuanbin
ISBN: 7507102777


Panda Books The Women Trilogy

The Women Trilogy

'I am a woman writer and have a natural interest in and sympathy for the lives of other women. I hope with all my heart to be able to fully...
By: Bai Fengxi
ISBN: 7505100707


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