Tai Jiquan

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Foreign Languages Press 10-Minute Primer Tai Ji Quan

10-Minute Primer Tai Ji Quan

Book with one DVD. The book gives a brief introduction to Tai Ji Quan, illustrates its evolution, introduces its major schools and the benefit to its...
ISBN: 9787119054629


Foreign Languages Press A Beginner's Guide to Taijiquan

A Beginner's Guide to Taijiquan

This book and DVD set introduces the 13-Step Taiji Exercise for Health and the Ten Movements of Taiji Roushu for Fitness. The 13-Step Taiji Exercise...
By: G.E. Mitton
ISBN: 9787119060231


Foreign Languages Press Basics of Taiji Quan

Basics of Taiji Quan

This book offers an introduction to the origins and development of Taiji Quan,its major school and their characteristics,and its technical methods...
ISBN: 711900171X


Morning Glory Publishing Chen Style Taijiquan

Chen Style Taijiquan

ISBN: 9787505404809


Simplified "Taijiquan"

Simplified "Taijiquan"

An introduction to the principles of the Chinese traditional sport taijiquan. Simple instructions and clear drawings help the reader in learning the...
ISBN: 7500916779


Foreign Languages Press Simplified 24-Form Taijiquan (Video CD in English)

Simplified 24-Form Taijiquan (Video CD in English)

China has a 5,000-year history of civilization. Taijiquan is a component part of China's traditional culture and one kind of Chinese shadow boxing....
ISBN: 7887180473


Foreign Languages Press Tai Ji for Health

Tai Ji for Health

This book introduces to all people interested in Taiji, Chen Style Taijiquan for health, the Taiji skills of internal energy and the 18 Short Forms...
By: Chen Zhenglei; Yue Liming
ISBN: 9787119051086


Foreign Languages Press Taiji Quan - Yang Style

Taiji Quan - Yang Style

By Yu Gongbao. Yang style taiji quan is one of the main schools of Chinese taiji quan. It is the most popular style now practised in China. The book...
ISBN: 7119018078


Foreign Languages Press Taiji Quan 48 Forms

Taiji Quan 48 Forms

Compiled by the Chinese Wushu Association. There is a Chinese saying: "Half of all Chinese sports are Wushu (martial arts), and half of Wushu is...
ISBN: 7119019643


Foreign Languages Press Taijiquan


The book includes a DVD. Written by world renowned martial artist professor Li Deyin, this exciting book and DVD set covers topics such as: taijiquan...
By: Li Deyin
ISBN: 7119037080


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