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Yunnan People's Publishing House Yunnan Yinshi (Yunnan Silver Ornament)

Yunnan Yinshi (Yunnan Silver Ornament)

Text in Chinese. An introduction to Yunnan ethnic minority silver ornaments, explains the different kinds, the historical and cultural background....
ISBN: 7222031448


V&A Publication Jewellery of Tibet and the Himalayas

Jewellery of Tibet and the Himalayas

"This book presents the traditional jewellery of Nepal, Tibet and the Himalayas in all its splendour, and tells the fascinating stories of trade,...
By: John Clarke
ISBN: 1851774238


Thames and Hudson The Jewelry Of Southeast Asia

The Jewelry Of Southeast Asia

A total of 482 illustrations, including 353 plates in full color; map, notes, bibliography. "Once prized largely for its ethnographic interest, today...
By: Anne Richter
ISBN: 0500510083


Skira The Art of Silver Jewellery

The Art of Silver Jewellery

This book and exhibition presents over 250 silver necklaces, and earrings - objects of ceremonial beauty and originality created by tribal peoples of...
By: Ien Rappold; Rene Van Der Star
ISBN: 8876243836

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Gui Zhou People's Publishing Yin Shi (Silver Ornaments)

Yin Shi (Silver Ornaments)

Zhongguo Guizhou Minzu Minjian Meishu Quanji, Yin Shi (Compendium of Guizhou Ethnic Minority Folk Arts Series, Silver Ornaments). Text in Chinese....
ISBN: 9787221077097


Foreign Languages Press Folk Sivler Accessories

Folk Sivler Accessories

ISBN: 9787119046761


Culture Relics Press Miaozu Yinshi (Miao Silver Jewelry)

Miaozu Yinshi (Miao Silver Jewelry)

Text in chinese, fully illustrated.
ISBN: 9787501032099


Culture Relics Press Miaozu Yinshi (Silver Ornaments of Miao Nationality)

Miaozu Yinshi (Silver Ornaments of Miao Nationality)

Text in Chinese. 158 color and numerous b/w illustrations. A study of silver ornaments of the Miao people illustrated with over 150 pieces from the...
ISBN: 7501011958


China Textile Press One Needle, One Thread

One Needle, One Thread

This is the chinese languague translation from Japanese by the author Tomoko Torimaru. Text in Chinese, fully illustrated.
ISBN: 9787506480260


British Museum Press Ethnic Jewellery

Ethnic Jewellery

The color and exuberance of traditional jewelry has always attracted collectors. African beadwork, North American Indian silver, jade from the Far...
By: John Mack
ISBN: 0853318743


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