Sculptures, Mural Paintings

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China Intercontinental Press Chinese Sculpting

Chinese Sculpting

As the essence of cultural spirit and the records of social life in different periods, the Chinese sculpture vividly depicts the Chinese history....
ISBN: 9787508513270


民族摄影 Lu Nan's Photography Trilogy

Lu Nan's Photography Trilogy

The Trilogy includes: Four Seasons, Everyday Life of Tibetan Peasants. The Forgotten People, The Condition of China's Psychiatric Patients. On the...
By: 吕楠
ISBN: 9787512205277


Chong Qing Publishing House Tibetan Folk Art Series: XiangXiong Murals

Tibetan Folk Art Series: XiangXiong Murals

over 200 color illustrations throughout, text in Chinese with English photo captions. Murals from Ngari Tibet. Guge Murals, DongGapiYang Murals.
ISBN: 7536660197


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