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China Intercontinental Press China's Population and Development

China's Population and Development

This book outlines: China's population today and its characteristics, regional distribution of the population, qualities of the population, the aging...
By: Tian Xueyuan; Zhou Liping
ISBN: 7508504410


Pocket Books China, Inc.

China, Inc.

China has the world's most rapidly changing large economy, and according to Ted Fishman, it is forcing the world to change along with it. "No country...
By: Ted C. Fishman
ISBN: 9781416502890


Dove Books Confucius in the Boardroom

Confucius in the Boardroom

Turning to the ancient wisdom of China for insight into conducting business humanely and effectively, the topics in this program include leadership,...
ISBN: 0787114170


New World Press Growing with China, MNC Executives Talk About China

Growing with China, MNC Executives Talk About China

Since China embraced the epic reform and opening-up policies in 1978, foreign companies have flocked to this market with the greatest potential in...
ISBN: 9787802289925


New World Press Memory Lane

Memory Lane

  Memory Lane offers an insight into the initial stage, further development and currrent status of various social and economic aspects in China after...
ISBN: 9787802289277


Foreign Languages Press Modernization in China

Modernization in China

Modernization in China: The Effects on Its People and Economic Development. This book contains 10 parts, namely economy, population, education,...
ISBN: 7119032976


Free Press One Billion Customers

One Billion Customers

It is well known that with a population of 1.3 billion people, China's market is moving quickly toward surpassing those of North America and Europe...
By: James McGregor
ISBN: 9780743258418


Foreign Languages Press Reforming China's Financial System

Reforming China's Financial System

Studies on the Chinese market economy series
By: Chi Fulin; Gao Shangquan
ISBN: 7119013416


China Intercontinental Press Shenzhou Spacecraft and Lunar Exploration Project

Shenzhou Spacecraft and Lunar Exploration Project

By: Wu Weiren
ISBN: 9787508513560


Foreign Languages Press Starting Point: Thirty Years of Reform in China

Starting Point: Thirty Years of Reform in China

Preface Introduction: Toward Comprehensive System Innovation Chapter One New Historic Starting Point for Reform  The Next Phase of Reform...
By: Chi Fulin
ISBN: 9787119051819


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