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Foreign Languages Press Peace


PEACE: The Roots of the Cultural Tradition and Values of the Chinese People. Ancient Wisdom Pointing Toward Harmony Zheng He`s Oceanic Voyages and...
By: 吴根友
ISBN: 9787119044934


Kelly & Walsh,Shanghai The Moon Year. A Record of Chinese Customs and Festivals

The Moon Year. A Record of Chinese Customs and Festivals

Folding out map, 39 b/w illustrations. The Moon Year is an attempt at recording the mysterious and somewhat elusive traditions of the Chinese. Juliet...
By: Igor Mitrophanow; Juliet Bredon


Sinolingua The Way We Communicate Volume 1

The Way We Communicate Volume 1

For non-Chinese speakers, especially Westerners with different cultural background, communicating with Chinese people requires not only language...
ISBN: 9787802004917


China Travel & Tourism Press Things Chinese

Things Chinese

Illustrated with numerous photos, explains from A to Z things Chinese, helps to understand Chinese culture.
ISBN: 9787503235009


Foreign Languages Press Traditional Chinese Culture

Traditional Chinese Culture

An indepth study of the Chinese Culture from Professor Zhang Qizhi. With analysis on Chinese Philosophy, Ethics and Humanities, Dominant Religions,...
ISBN: 7119020331


China Intercontinental Press Understanding China

Understanding China

Many people regard China as a distant, ancient and mysterious country simply because the history and culture of their own countries are so different...
ISBN: 9787508512143


China Intercontinental Press What is the Rat, Find the Rat From View of Chinese

What is the Rat, Find the Rat From View of Chinese

Fully illustrated. Contents: The Spring Festival The Mouse Climbed up on the Lampstand Stories about Rats The Rats Marry off Their Daughters Famous...
ISBN: 9787102040677


Foreign Languages Press What's Cool in China

What's Cool in China

This fun pop-culture book examines what is considered "cool" in modern day China. Categories explored range from money, extreme sports, movies, soap...
ISBN: 9787119051635


China Intercontinental Press X-Ray: Examining The China Enigma

X-Ray: Examining The China Enigma

This book is a collection of 99 columns Raymond Zhou wrote for China Daily in the past few years. It is one man's outlook on mostly mundane changes -...
ISBN: 9787508513379


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