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Foreign Languages Press A Comparison Between Chinese and Western Sculpture

A Comparison Between Chinese and Western Sculpture

Mr. Huang Zongxian was bom in 1958. He has another name Ling Yu. He is a native of Danleng, Sichuan province and a PhD in fine arts. He is the member...
By: Huang Zongxian
ISBN: 9787508512693


China Intercontinental Press A Kaleidoscope of China

A Kaleidoscope of China

This is a book with a brand new view towards China. The author Mr. Matsumoto has been in the diplomatic front line dealing with foreign affairs...
By: Matsumoto Morio
ISBN: 9787508509976


Foreign Languages Press Chinese Chopsticks

Chinese Chopsticks

This book is about 'chopstick' culture - a component part of Chinese popular culture. Chopsticks are Chinese dining implements and the two long and...
ISBN: 9787119038520


China Intercontinental Press Chinese Publishing

Chinese Publishing

The time-honored Chinese civilization has nurtured the distinctive Chinese publishing industry. To some extent, its formulation and development...
ISBN: 9787508513157


China Intercontinental Press Chinese Stuff

Chinese Stuff

This book explores the world of "Things Chinese". The useful guide offers a survey of common Chinese objects from abacus to bank notes,...
ISBN: 9787508512808


China Intercontinental Press Chinese Wine

Chinese Wine

The Chinese do not see wine as one of the necessities of life, but in their social life the culture of wine as a distinct cultural form has made and...
ISBN: 9787508516714


China Pictorial Publishing House Chinese Zodiac Stories

Chinese Zodiac Stories

Accompanied by beautiful photographs and classic paintings, this book provides a basic introduction to all of the signs of the Chinese Zodiac.
ISBN: 9787802200876


China Intercontinental Press Colorful China

Colorful China

Chinese are a nation good at using colors. The richness of colors serves as a deposit of the sentiments and wisdom of the Chinese people and...
ISBN: 9787508510804


New World Press Living in China

Living in China

Fascinating first-person accounts of twenty-three “expats” from around the globe, Finland to Liberia, Egypt to Japan, who explain what it is about...
ISBN: 9787802285019


Foreign Languages Press Peace


PEACE: The Roots of the Cultural Tradition and Values of the Chinese People. Ancient Wisdom Pointing Toward Harmony Zheng He`s Oceanic Voyages and...
By: 吴根友
ISBN: 9787119044934


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