Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I saw the item that I'm interested currently is out of stock, would you please give me an email when this currently out-of-stock product becomes available again?

Yes! You can ask to be informed when products that are out of stock are replenished. Please click on link of Notifications where appears at the right side of the panel, and take a minute to enter your contacting email address. We would like to send you an email once this out-of-stock product becomes available again.

Is it really secure if I place an order on this website?

Yes, when you place an order with us, all of the data that you provide will be encrypted by our secure server. Encryption means that the information that you send is scrambled in such a way that only OUR server can read. Thus, even if your data gets intercepted as it's routed along the internet, it will appear as indecipherable gibberish.

We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) -- the encryption process developed by Netscape -- which is the industry standard for processing a secure transaction over the internet. Most modern web browsers support SSL, including Netscape Navigator, Microsoft's Internet Explorer, etc.

What about my private inforamtion after order completed?

We goes to great length to provide security for our credit card transactions. Whether in person, by phone, by fax, or through online orders, we protect the security and validity of your transaction. Any time you provide us with your email address - either through email inquiries, surveys, or through online orders, you can rest assured that we will NOT share your address with ANY third party. All information is kept private for our use only.

What if I Still Don't Want to Order Online?

Although we are confident that our secure server provides safe and secure online ordering, we understand that some customers may prefer to order through other means. This is not a problem.

Simply just place your order and select payment at "check/money order", make your check/money order payable to "Wang Hui", mail it along with a print-out of your order from the receipt we emailed you or shown on your browser. We will ship your order once your payment has been received and cleared. But it might take Bank of China up to one month to get a check cleared. We experienced once 3 months to receive a money order.

Or, you can send your order by Contact Us , we will contact with you after receiving your order.

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